Feature Request: Robo Polar Align

Probably not something Leo is very interested in doing, but I thought I would ask, since it would be nice to have a PA routine in Voyager.

Hi Bill,

you are righ, answer is absolutely not. This is kind of feature that not belong to an automation software.
Ther are plenty of this kind of applications.

All the best

Understood. Figured I would ask just in case. :slight_smile: There are certainly other apps for this, I just think you would do a very good job of producing an accurate and trustworthy tool.

We have introduced concept of Plugin and a server with hundreds of APIs 10 years ago. The FIT viewer or the RoboTarget Manager or the ModelCreator 10 micron align tools or FIT Grader (never released to public from a swiss user) its an example of use of this plugin/APIs.

But seems this is not understand, we have introduced a lot of new ideas in AP about automation. We are really unhappy that what we already have is really appreciated on other platform but unfortunately it is so !

I think you are a programmer and you have the Mach2 mount, you can realize the model alignment and polar alignment.

I also wrote more than one times that Iā€™m happy to pay for the external implementations.

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