File sorting ..questions


when doing sequences during a night, sorting files in windows according to time taken works.

But if images are processed, for example calibrated in Pixinsight, they are getting a new timestamp.
So sorting by time is not longer an option.
But if sorted by name, its not according to the time taken…see example.
This makes analysis of images, i.e. eccentricity drift over the night, not longer possible or at least very very difficult as images are not sorted in order.

I think PI is sorting the images by name…

Do I do something wrong or other users faces the same problem ?


No, I have encountered the same problem. The issue is the frame number (e.g. 006, 007) in front of the date and time part of the file name. Since we cannot customize file names in Voyager (yet? :wink:), I use a file naming utility to take out all of the frame numbers once the files are transferred to my main computer. With the frame numbers gone, you can sort by name and automatically get the correct chronological sequence, too.

Hope this helps.


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