Filter Problem Lum reported as SII

So I’ve been taking some 10 min SII filter images but they just seemed way to bright to be SII. I checked then out and sure enough they showed an ADU of over 4000!! So, even though Voyager is showing an SII exposure in the Monitor Window it seems to be using Lum instead?

Funny thing is I did a test exposure using “Camera Shot” of 10 min with SII and it showed what I expected for an SII filter (around 1000ADU). So thinking the filter was all sorted out I ran the sequence and am getting the 4000ADU again - even though it shows in the Monitor dialogue that its an SII filter??

Voyager cannot choose a wrong filter or report a wrong filter.
So check you have right list in voyager setup of filters and that this list match the real list in FW.
Check you have select the correct fitler in sequence and check if you dont have put wrong filter and right label in sequence slots.
Check if your filter wheel work fine and your driver is updated and the right one.

All the best