Find star error. Maximum returns reached

I have successfully run first light wizard with my Celestron 8SE and Celestron focuser. Since I was using an Optolong l-enhance filter I changed the Star Magnitude Interval to Mag Start = 2, Mag End = 4, but other than that I believe I am using the defaults.

The problem occurs when I try to run First Light with my Williams Optics Z73 with the EAF focuser. I again am using the Optolong l-enhance filter so used all the same settings as with my 8SE (with the exception that I have Backlash Compensation for the EAF enabled at 30 steps IN, and disabled for the Celestron) . However, when I run the first light wizard after several points generated to the right of best focus, the star disappears from view and shortly thereafter I get the following error: “…Find Star Error. Maximum returns reached”

I’m not sure where to adjust settings to get past this.

The RoboFire Configuration snapshots are from my Z73 runs.

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