Finding the Gold in Voyager Logs

Voyager generates large log files over the course of the imaging night, however the file format was not designed to present a concise view of the night’s activities. These log files contain the entire story hidden amongst a lot of repetitive ‘noise’ and debugging information.

I have written a Windows 10 batch file that filters and re-formats these Voyager logs to produce a concise record of the important milestones across the night. You can find the batch file and instructions to install and run it on github (GitHub - StellarBlu/Voyager-Log-Extractor: Windows 10 batch file to extract a human readable log from Voyager logs.).

From midnight to dawn last night, my system generated nearly 285,000 lines in the 5.2MByte *Voyager.log file. The log extractor filtered this down to 296 lines and just 32kBytes. The extract is a time ordered and categorised record of Voyager’s activities that provides a detailed view of the unsupervised imaging session.

I hope some find this useful.



Great utility, it’s really helpful to quickly see the most important events of the night from the log.
Thanks Tom!


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Now that would be a handy thing, I will give it a try. When I have needed to work out an issue by going to the logs (Invariably equipment or operator trouble) I have typically opened them in excel and used auto filters to boil it down to the lines useful to my problem. This should be much faster.

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Fantastic tool Tom, many thanks for creating it and sharing it with us.

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Hello for those interested by a concise log of events, i’ve posted last year a tool to persiste the “monitor log” file to the filesystem. I don’t use the voyager debug file. I guess this one is mainly focus on things leonardo can manage.

here is the link:



This is interesting – we are also looking into the similar features and trying to integrate into our telegram bot

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