First Image with Voyager Array

With quite a bit of help from Leo, our dual telescope array at a remote observatory in Spain is now up and running. To say I am delighted with this, is a bit of an understatement.

Captured Andromeda with 35 hours of Ha data revealing some interesting red clouds to test this.


Congratulations Neil,

this is a wonderful image. Thanks for using Voyager.

All the best

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Fantastic Neil! Congratulations. Array is great. Help me push Leonardo to release Advanced Array soon :wink:


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A lovely image Neil.

I am 37 degrees south and I will never image M31 (It barely reaches 10 degrees elevation here) I really like seeing these great shots of northern targets that I do not have access to.

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Thanks Roberto!

I did ask about the Advanced module with the Array when I bought this and understand this is planned, but quite complicated so going to take a while


Great image! I am also running an Array and it is very fun to use, so far so good.


I am in for advanced array :slight_smile: