First image with Voyager: SH2-157 and Bubble Nebula

Here is my first image with Voyager. I am very pleased with the software. The subframes were captured using sequences executed from “On the fly” running while I slept. The plate solving, meridian flip, end of night routines all worked great. I plan on using drag script to make my life even easier.

Thanks to Leo for the software and to Rowland and the rest of the community for the documentation.

Scope: SV70T with 0.8x focal reducer
Camera: ZWO ASI1600MM-C
Mount: Orion Atlas AZ/EQ-G
About 3 hours each of Ha, SII, and OIII.

For a larger version, see astrobin:


Really Nice congratulation, thanks to you.
THis kind of sky is really busy of object but also stars … narrow band and your processing put in evidence the object in a great way.

All the best