First run with Voyager

I have been working on my domed observatory for the last year. I have a wireless connection between my house and my observatory which is about 300 feet from the house. I started using the trial version of voyager about a couple of weeks ago and just purchased a license. Last nite I completed my first automated run, and I can say it ran smoothly through the duration of the sequence. It plate-solved flawlessly and focused local field every 15 exposures. I ran a total of 120 2 minute exp. on M15. I used the commands to slave the dome, open and close shutters etc. My next step is to use drag script to automate the dome operations. I am using a dslr , and I am impressed with how solid this software performed.

Thanks to Leo and Rowland for helping on a couple of questions that I had, the great wiki link and videos.

Fantastic piece of software, thanks Leo. Now to learn drag scripts.



Many thanks Mike … really happy that Voyager help you in our common passion.
Will wait for your images to see …

All the best