Fit Viewer ADUS count

When using Voyager for photometry we need a certain ADUS or counts level, for example in one asteroid or in the comparation stars.

Usually, once I take the first image I have to open it in MaximDL or another FIT viewer to see the pixel intensity (from 0-65535, or 0-1) in order to decide the exposition time length. To extend it or to shorten it.

Is it possible adding the counts in the pixel pointed by te mouse to the bar info?
It should be great!
Thank you


I would love to see this as well. I like to take a test image to determine if Iā€™m overexposed. I have to use a separate app for that. If would be great if the Voyager fit viewer app showed the pixel intensity wherever you point the mouse on the image.

This would be a nice way to check for signal clipping.