FIT Viewer Image Orientation

Is there a way to save the image orientation (like Rotate Left CCW and Flip Image Vertically) for the current FIT Viewer session? I didn’t find any thing in the documentation, wiki, or forum to indicate this was possible.


Info about FITViewer here:

See toolbar button 4, 17, 18 , 19, 20.

Thank you but the information you reference doesn’t tell me how to save the FIT Viewer configuration for the remainder of the session. I would like to set the image orientation at the beginning of a session to (for example) rotate ccw and flip vertically. I would like the orientation to stay in that configuration for the remainder of the FIT Viewer session. Right now, the image always reverts back to the default configuration for each image.

This may not be an available feature in Voyager (which is OK, I can live with that) I just wanted to check and make sure I hadn’t overlooked an answer in searching the documentation.

What you ask is not possible, between option can be saved there aren’t the options you talk about. Its only a simple viewer !

All the best