Flat field panel for 16'' and up?

Hello all
any suggestion for 16’ and up flat-panel scope compatible with Voyager ???
Preferably from a European distributor…

I use a flat panel that’s 24x24 from Unifi. It’s actually designed to be office lighting, and is powered via POE. I bought it on a hunch it’d work for my 10" scopes, and it did with some extra work. It uses the MQTT protocol to communicate with the controller. The controller is either the Unifi controller, or a mobile app. With those controllers, you can get to 10% brightness level, but in reality you’ll need it dimmer than that. You can add neutral density film to cut down the brightness. I wrote a small API to surface the MQTT commands. With that API, you can get to 1%.


I made a few posts on CN about my findings with this panel. You can read them here:
Initial discussion where I characterize the repeatability/flatness, etc.

Intro to the API:

Artesky is a company partner of Voyager, their solution is supported direct for autoflat. Also they are able to create custom version. Contact Mr. Stefano Seveso if you are interested.

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Thanks, Leonardo I will …

Tell Stefano we have suggested it and ask for a final discount in case of purchase.

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