Flats and list of Filters

Is there a way at the end of a Robotarget session to identify within dragscripts which filters were used in the night in order to assign these to a flat sequence ? The alternative is to do flats on all filters which may not be very practical.
This would be a very useful enhancement.

Thank you


Do the flat for each filters , small number.
You will have flat for years. Flat is not needed every day

Leonardo, it depends on the telescope. On my F 4.5, flats can be used for months, on my CDK F8, you need daily flats. A flat on H filter takes 3 minutes so I was hoping I could avoid doing all flats.

Sorry but this is not true, do not depends on telescope. Also a flat with 3 minutes never heard about. At your place I will think about … but its up to you how to work. Robotarget cannot help you on this.

Leonardo, I’m sure you are very experience but I can guarantee you it makes a difference. I’ve tested it on numerous nights and the small dust spots at F8 will move around and will be visible. On F 4.6, it makes no difference.
On flat making, I use a Gemini snap cap. Even at max power, at F8 with 3Nm narrowband filter, it takes about 180s. Nothing I can do about that.

Dear Fredd,

my experience is terrible huge but its not a problems, its up to you how to work.
So like you have wrote do not depends on telescope but on place … this can be true but usually using the mirror cover solve the problem.

Flat of 3 minutes do not have sense … I suggest you to use the skyflat that you have in Voyager.

All the best

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Thanks. I will try skyflats, particularly for narrowband. Best.