FLI ML16200 Camera + SkyX Issue

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I am in the demo of this software and things are looking good so far. One issue I need to overcome is that Voyager cannot query the Readout Speed of the FLI camera in SkyX. It can query the filters just fine, the Speed options GET button does nothing at all when I click it. Have others seen this?

Theskyx doesn’t allow external program to retrieve this kind of data. No documentation about from developer !

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Looks like you can call CameraDependentSetting.availableOptions(); which should return the values for the readout speed if the particular camera supports it. I tested this on the FLI and it works.

You need theskyx from a particular version .

Looks like they added the feature in the June 2018 daily build of SkyX Pro.

Please download and test the daily build to solve your question, see topic:

Let me know if all work fine.

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Works great now! Awesome!