Flip and platesolving

I have another question. :slightly_smiling_face: If I choose in the sequence settings “do not mange the flip” and let the mount driver do this instead. Does voyager still recognizes when the mount has done the flip an will do a platesolve for refine the position?

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Hi Thomas,
I think this is not possible. Voyager needs to menage the meridian flip to continue automatically, in this case it will do a platesolve to refine the position, an autofocus (if selected in sequence), and so on.
The suggestion is let Voyager to menage all the operation, and if need set delay after meridian to complete the running esposure. In the delay case, in your mount configuration, you need to set a delay time bigger than set in Voyager, so the mount will not stop or perform other operation before.
Here you can find a detailed settings explanation:
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Hi Francesco,

thank you for your answer.
Indeed I first try to manage all in the operation in voyager but I’ not very pleased with the way voyager handle the meridian flip, maybe I just don’t understand it in total.
Let me describe my problem. Let us assume my mount can 5° through the meridian on each side, this would be 20 min before and 20 minutes after the meridian crossing.
My longest exposures with narrowband filters are normally 30 min.
In voyager I now have two settings in the GEM meridian Flip manager:
a) Only Exposure Action Before Meridian Crossing and
b) Do Flip After Mount Passing Meridian by

Because my mount can pass the meridian by 5 deegrees I have to set b) to 20 minutes.
As I understand setting a), it is to prevent larger slews near the merdian but can’t be 0.

So in the worst case one 30’ exposure is finished one minute before merdian crossing and because of setting a) voyager do nothing than continue with the next exposure of 30 Minutes but this exposure will run into the limit of setting b). And I will lose 20 minutes in best imaging time window.

Is there any opportunity to tell voyager to flip x minutes before meridian crossing?

Because If I had this opportunity, a 30 minute will run exactly as I need in my example.
When the 30min exposure finished in the limit window of 40 minutes voyager should do the flip exposure will start maybe on the east side a few minutes before meridian crossing.

I hope, I have described this comprehensibly

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You can shorten the a) and b) value to 2/3 minutes not under to avoid that an action like focus can take more time and crossing meridian during this action.
If you do 30 minutes shot max add to b) the time you choosed and you have the max time to allow mount tracking after meridian cross. Usually this time is reached by all mount, just set it up on your driver.

If you want to abort exposure at fixed time and do flip use the setting in sequence configuration using Force Meridian Flip Procedure with Exposure Abort After Meridian Crossing :

Voyager cannot do meridian flip for you before natural time of crossing.

If you want to allow external flip managed by your mount and allow Voyager to discover it and do the tasks related to meridian cross use the ABORT Exposure if Meridian Flip occurs outside Voyager and FORCE EXECUTE Meridian Flip Operations always in sequence configuration. In this case the exposure will be aborted when Voyager recognize a pier flip change in ASCOM driver, tasks about meridian change will be done and exposure restarted.

Again, usually all mounts allow you to run a reasonable time after meridian cross without change pier and continue tracking.

If you choose not managed to meridian in Voyager all the options mention above are not true. if you use not manage to meridian and use the recenter target options in sequence Voyager will recenter the target but cannot predict when this will be done (you can choose only interval) … if you using autoflip on your mount you might have some sub not centered.

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Leonardo, your support is exceptionally :smiley: :+1:
I will try the different suggestions.


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You are welcome Tom.

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