Focus question for sequences

When setting up a sequence I did not find an option for @Focus3 under the focus tab. Do I just choose FocusStar?

Leave the default value if you are using @focus3. Those other options there are for Robofire and FocusMax. Voyager will call @focus3. You will want to set the triggers and other values, but for Focus Method - default is fine.

One more thing to note about @focus3 - the API for SkyX does not return a quality metric to Voyager. So Voyager has to make an assumption that SkyX @focus3 did a good job. :slight_smile: Its not a Voyager limitation, its a limitation in the ccdSoftCamera() method in SkyX.

Good info to know. I will switch over to the voyager native focusing when I get the chance.

@Focus3 must be choosed in Voyager Setup -> Autofocus tab, like control.
If this metod need a star choose Voyager Robostar on Sequence configuration or use Focus on Place if this kind of focus work on the field.

Like Bill say … Voyager cannot know if done focus are good or not … just if ran ok or not.

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I configured Voyagers native focus routine last night with no problems.