@focus3 setup and tips

Anyone using @focus3 successfully? I need tips. Thanks! I would set it up in SkyX but I have not been successful

If I am just running SkyX I use @focus3 exclusively but if using Voyager as a front end, I use Voyagers own focus systems which are just as good. If you are going to use @focus3 in voyager, it needs to be working in SkyX first.

Hello Dr. Joe,
I was always a big fan of @focus3 and it still works great, I have successfully used it with Voyager but I agree with Chris Voyagers own focus system is just as good. If you need help setting up @focus3 which is very easy you just need to put in your FR, step size and pixel size tell it you want to do 2 or 3 samples and your off to the races.


Thanks Chris! Great feedback.

Thanks Joe. I’ll set up. Voyager’s autofocus tonight.