“Focuser not reached the asked position ! Retry [1]” message

More than one times I receive a question about what in subject, some info about and workaround:

The Message from autofocus ( is a warning and Voyager will retry for 3 times to fix position and in your case one times is enough) can be two different cause:

  • driver could report moving finished but is not real (you have backlash external to Voyager) or driver issue

  • Voyager is really fast to manage the focuser interaction and is multi thread new generation application this can be a problem for old driver, use the flag Use Slow Polling for ASCOM HUB or Not Multi Thread Driver . This slow down the query to focuser driver : https://wiki.starkeeper.it/index.php/AutoFocus_Setup#Work_Around

  • Reported position is discrete and not continue value from driver side, use the setting Focuser Position Check Tolerance [-/+] with a value of +/- 3 or 5**.** This depends on your focuser.

In anycase I suggest to leave Voyager managing the backlash … this will be integrate in the AI focusing routine better than an external compensation. What you cannot have is compensation in two place.

I think Voyager is the only one application that not trust driver and check everytime the real position …

All the best

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Hi Leonardo, If I want Voyager to manage focuser backlash, is this simply enabled in the RoboFire Configuration dialog, Focuser tab or are there other settings that need to be configured?



Hi Peter,

if you use RoboFire like autofocus system in Voyager use the backlash compensation in Voyager:

Just enable and choose the step value. Nothing else.

Remove the compensation in driver !

All the best