Forcing precise pointing to target after meridian flip

Hello fellow astrophotographers,

I am facing a problem after meridian flip : the Target is out of center. I have a super Mount , 10 Micron HPS1000 , so this should not be the problem. How can i force voyager to do a precise positioning ( pointing ) to the target after the meridian flip.

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Leonardo must likely will have a better solution but I typically inject Focus after a Meridian Flip to achieve this:


Hi Stephan and Roberto,

not necessary to inject focus …

if you have plate solving configured this will be done automatically in the sequence each time without configuring anything. A precise pointing is the action used by voyager to do meridian flip !!

If you have big orthogonal error between telescope and mount (and in this case super mount cannot help you) probably best to have also the Blind Solving configured in case of Plate solving fail.

Activate the fail over for switch to Blind Solving here:

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You should first resolve the issue with the mount. You shouldn’t need precise pointing or platesolving with a 10Micron mount.

To expand a little on what Leonardo wrote. I don’t know for sure how the 10 Micron driver operates but at least for my Orion mount, orthogonality issues meant that post flip the mount will be east of pier, pointed west, but the telescope was pointed east of the meridian (By only a couple of arc minutes) EQMOD rejects syncs that are on the “wrong” side of the meridian compared to where the mount reports it’s position to be. Voyager will continue with the sequence (Which is far better than just stopping for the night) but the positioning will be out by approx 2 X the orthogonality error. If I was using Robostar focus (The scope I was using at the time was not flat enough so I was using Localfield) it would at worst have resolved itself on the next focus run.

All I needed to do with that mount was to increase the time after the meridian before Voyager executed the flip so that the telescope was pointed west of the meridian regardless of the orthogonality issue.

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Hi Paul,

this is a perfect explanation.
Thank you for your post.

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Leonardo Orazi

Hi Paul ,
Thanks. Yes i am doing my Flip just 5 minutes after meridian pass. I will try a longer delay time.
Thanks again.

Dear Stephan,

if Voyager cannot put target on center a report about in the log is written.
I think the best solution to understand which is your problem is to send log file to support opening a ticket by email.

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