Frequency of guide calibration

Just wondering if anyone does more than one guide calibration during a session and is it helpful? I’m not having any major issues but always looking for an “edge” on improving result consistency wherever possible. Typically I am doing a single calibration at the beginning and that’s all. But since there is the option in Voyager of repeating it I was just curious.


I often carry my PHD2 calibration on for months at a time unless I change the camera angle. If I had an automated rotator I might calibrate on each sequence start but if PHD2 is connected to the rotator even that may not be required.

Unless you change something it is generally quite stable in my experience.

What Paul suggest is a common practice introduced with the remote system to avoid time loosing but the reality is that you should calibrate at each target and at each meridian flip for the same target.

Using a stored calibration is a math assumption that not work well for all and especially in some place of the sky and not modelling the reality of your system.

Mounts with encoder help to be more closest to your setup model and to math but not so much.
Voyager coming from 20 years of experiencing, I leave the correct way to go like option in the sequence configuration. Someone of the user never heard to do this because start in the latest years where some automation software show this like the only way to work.

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Ok sounds good. Thanks guys!

I will add, that only recalibrating when I feel that there has been a degradation in guide quality or I make a change works well for my equipment (One being a short refractor and the other a newtonian with approx 1100mm focal length) but if you are pushing the focal length up further, that may no longer apply. I would never tell someone who calibrates on sequence start every time that they should not do so.

One advantage to having Voyager calibrate in the sequence is that if for any reason PHD2 (Or whatever you use to guide) looses the calibration data, it will automatically calibrate before starting guiding and that will almost certainly cause the sequence to fail due to guiding start timing out. If Voyager calibrates at sequence start then it will avoid that possibility.


Is there a setting in Voyager to force recalibration for every target and after meridian flip?
Im using PHD2

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Flag the calibrate guide checkbox in guide/dithering section of Sequence configuration

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