Fun with Array 2x

Hi, finally I managed to use my 2 scope rig with great success. Data collection is very fast and I always end up with a complete set of data (one telescope shoots L and another one OSC).

Here are some results:

I am very very happy of the performance of this setup, very straight forward to run Custom Array.


Congratulations José!

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Can you tell me more about your setup ? You’re using Array rather than advanced ?

Hi Mike,

I am using Array. With array, you can control multiple imaging rigs on the same mount. The hardest part of running an array system is aligning the telescopes, they need to point very closely, for instance, I had to add an aiming device to align them.

Once every thing is aligned you can run sequences using multiple telescopes simultaneously, one of my telescopes is capturing L and the other is capturing color with an OSC.

If you have specific questions please let me know,


Quick question. How close is the image scale between your mono camera shooting Lum and your OSC capturing RGB? Your photos are amazing!

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I think you can comfortably go up to 3x without any problem.