Fun with Dashboard and Roboclip!

Given the last 2 months of clouds, rain and now snow, combined with a delay in delivery of my new mount, I’ve been in a state of imaging withdrawal. Plus being unable to use all the neat new features in Voyager. So I decided to set up a test profile to hook up to my real camera (sitting on my bedroom table), planetarium sw, and simulators to at least play with things.

I have a 2-monitor setup with Remote Desktop in one and the Voyager Dashboard on the other. Tried searching for targets in the dashboard, displaying them in FoV and adjusting framing, and adding them to Roboclip. Very cool! Also used Dashboard to control the camera and take dark exposures. Tonight I think I’ll explore Telescopius and learn how that plays with Voyager This is really fun and useful software! I can hardly wait to be able to use it for real. Thanks guys!



Same here, foggy as hell… however it is very handy to have roboclip in the dashboard.

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Hi Wayne and Alessandro,
I’m happy to read that you are enjoying new features. We are working to add an option to disable logo animation, add a setting to choose the Y scale size on guide chart. Asap will be released the 1.0.9 beta.