GEM Meridian Flip Manager with A-P mount

I don’t see the setting for Meridian Cross Delay by Mount (AP Mount) being displayed in SetupForm, although it’s mentioned in the Wiki. Is this feature still available or has been dropped from the recent version? Are there still any recommendations specific for A-P mount ?


Do not more delay for Meridian Flip in Voyager for any mount, AP included. Features was removed some releases ago. I will fix the wiki.

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If you use APCC you can still use Voyager in conjunction to take advantage of meridian delays with AP mounts. This is not recommended practice by AP, Voyager or the developer of APCC but I have been doing it since APCC came out public in 2013/14 and have not had any issues. It is important that your meridian and horizon delays are well defined for it to work.


I have configured APCC for delayed flip using meridian East/West limits and creating custom meridian profile limits together with FlipOffset (I use 15 minutes), which works very well for me with SGP. I still wonder how this will work with Voyager. It looks reasonable to set FlipOffset to T2 (as described in a primer video for managing meridian flips).

Voyager do not manage any delayed meridian flip directly, if you want you can ask to Voyager to recognize during the Sequence an external triggered flip using the flag ABORT Exposure if Meridian Flip occurs outside Voyager and FORCE EXECUTE Meridian Flip Operations:

But read carefully conditions to work and disclaimer.