Goodnight at end of astronomical dark in sequence

I would like to see “at end of astro dark” added as an option to “Force sequence end timer” That way I could force the sequence to end at an interval (already a choice) or the end of astro dark.

This would ensure my mount would always park at end of night if I ran a sequence so long as I enabled the constraints without worrying about setting the time each night.

It would also be a good check for a dragscript with multiple sequences. -If I selected the force sequence end timer to “at end of astro dark” in all sequences, and had a goodnight setup at the end of the dragscript, it would always park because a sequence would always stop at astrodark.

-hope that makes sense!

For this kind of features you must use the DragScript.
Use the Sequence block and the Good Night block:

Or do manually with single dedicated operation block about mount ccd etc

All the best

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