GUIDE: Force flipped goto

Hey. I know many people want to start imaging from ‘‘wrong side’’ of the pier. You can save some time or you have mirror flop or something like that after meridian flip. I have problem in my observatory when imaging low altitude on south. My support beam from west side of the pier is in my cameras path. So I investigated and asked LEO can voyager do goto to wrong side of the pier. It seemed that there was no easy solution, but I found out that EQMOD have this thing called Force flipped goto. It solved the whole problem and the positive thing is that voyager understands that meridian flip is done, so its working like it should.

Only problem I found is that you need to manually push the force flipped goto after every goto. But in my case I dont need to push it many times. I think it would not be big change to EQMOD code to alter so the Flipped goto would stay on, if anyone knows about EQMOD and coding =).

Here is image where you can find the setting in EQMOD: