Guide star brightness in web dashboard?

I know Voyager is intended as automation software but many I’m sure like me like to “check in” on it now and then throughout the night. The web dashboard is great for this and super easy to use. Would it be possible to add some readout of the guide star brightness to the dashboard so to keep an eye on the brightness of the guide star? Often if there is a loss of guide start brightness due to eg a passing cloud my system will keep guiding fine but the quality of the sub is poor…

Thinking about it this, I guess this info would be captured in the image stats (hfd/star index) but a real time indicator/early warning of loss of guide star brightness would be kind of useful at least me…


For info Voyager have Star Lost Detection automata :

I added to todo list

All the best

Thanks ! and thanks for the link I never noticed that option before in the sequence set up


  • Star Lost Detection: If checked, the maximum allowed percentage of time that the guide star can be lost without considering guiding to have failed

I don’t quite get the syntax does 60% mean lost guide for 60% of one minute (36 seconds)

sorry I guess it means loose x% brightness for a minute?

depends on your guiding time, if guiding time is 10s in a minute you can have 6 star lost, 60% are 3.6

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understood thanks for clarifying