Guiding Stats and Cessation of Sequence

I was feeling exhilarated by Voyager’s control of my scope, from early evening, faultlessly through a GEM meridian flip with image orientation preserved, into the wee small hours; but then a problem arose. The monitor read that the sequence was finished and the dragscript into which the sequence was inserted went into observatory shutdown. The monitor showed that immediately after a successful download of an image, the subject turned to “GUIDING Stats” and this was followed by a stopping of guiding and observatory shutdown.

I assume that these guiding stats must have something to do with the sequence ending, but guiding seems to have been faultless on both sides of the meridian. What problem is occurring and what do I do to fix it?

Dear Greg,

this kind of questions need direct support and not a post in this forum. You must open a ticket to a support email and send the Voyager log (Support – Voyager) . Guiding stats ansolutely cannot be related to stop of your sequence. To stop a sequence a time constraints or a critical error (your hardware or weather conditions) must be happened, you can read it just before the end of monitor data or in log.

All the best