Hallo Northern Sky....Need Help

Hi, Until Stellarium is incorporated into Voyageur I have downloaded Hallo Northern Sky and would like to use it. Unfortunately I am getting an error when trying to connect to it in Voyageur. Anyone know this error and what I need to do to get past it?

I think I found the issue. I just had to enable TCP/IP in the setting menu under TCP/IP server.

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I can get Hallo Northern Sky to work with Voyager if I start it manually beforehand, but it gives an error if I just try to launch it with a CONNECT press on the Startup panel. Is this expected behavior?

HNS is an external program, before you can connect it to Voyager you must enable it and configure to working with external application, you can refer to HNS manual about, some info is also in our wiki.

If you want to use in Voyager you must open it manually or ask Voyager to open it at connection, using the option Try Start Exe On Connect :

If HNS is installed on the default dir Voyager will start it for you.
In anycase if HNS is not started is an expected behavior to receive an error.

Thanks. Try Start Exe On Connect solved the problem.

I’m having a similar issue with BackyardEOS. If I open it before Voyager is launched I can connect to it fine. If I haven’t previously opened it I get a “Camera not connected” error when I try to Connect all my equipment in Voyager.

It is not possible to start everything automatically and this is not dependent on Voyager. What cannot be started automatically must be started manually or using a DragScript and the call to start an external process.