Halting a sequence without aborting a drag script?

I occasionally come across a situation where I would like to stop an individual sequence but not halt my entire drag script. for example tonight I wanted to halt a sequence that had an incorrect end time, but I wanted to allow the drag script to continue so that my dawn flats and shutdown would happen as normal.

anyone know a way to force an individual sequence to end but allow dragscript to continue? I had thought about killing maxim but the camera was fli and so was directly controlled by voyager…

I wonder if “halt”-ing or parking the mount via the command box might do it ? of course I wouldn’t want to bring voyager crashing down on any clumsy break…


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hit abort, you can right click on whichever line or block you wish to restart on, an message will appear asking if you want to start from there. Alternatively you can also edit either the sequence of the drag script, reload and by the same process as above you can start where ever you wish.


On the same line… I too have questioned the same thing. I will be running a sequence in drag script the seeing will start to go downhill and PHD will start to chase the seeing 1/2 way through the sequence. I would like to adjust the guider exposure at that point so it dosent chase the seeing. If I abort, change the guider exposure, then restart, I would like for the sequence to resume where it left off.
I can edit the number of cycles in the sequence (that’s what ive done) but the filter count still is off, and I have forgotten to do that and the script will run way too long…

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Voyager is an automation software , usually unattended … change guide time doesn’t solve situation also if your aren’t in front of PC. Sorry, also Voyager doesn’t have memory of sequence because think in terms of time slot that is a better way to get data.