Having trouble with focus

So after weeks of learning and configuring Voyager and Array I have everything working except one thing… Autofocus. And I can’t for the life of me figure out what I’m doing wrong. Autofocus runs are successful but applying offsets have been failing.

I’m using a Sesto Senso 2 which has very little backlash and have gotten it to work perfectly in other software. I assumed that because Voyager is using the same Ascom driver and image train as the other software that I could use the same offset and backlash settings but they didn’t seem to work. So I started fresh. I ran a few curves with no backlash compensation and inspected the graphs, saw some flatness that let me know there was a little backlash, and added backlash comp IN until that flatness was gone. I ran more vurves and they always resulted in good focus. From there I ran vcurves on all my filters and figure the offsets, then I would test by running AF with Lum filter and running an Array sequence with all filters to see that they all are in focus after offsets are applied. They never were.

To test that the backlash compensation was correct I ran a few autofocus routines to get the scope and focus then I moved the focus out, then I moved the focuser back in and same amount of steps and took an exposure. The hfd was always increased by one or more. I ended up adding more backlash comp than I know there is backlash but no comp at all as well as a lot of comp both result in an increased HFD when moving the focuser out and then back in the same amount. I cannot get this corrected any ideas?

For first there are no official support in forum !

I just answered to write that there are no problems in any of the topics you complain about, so many have been using your focuser, arrays and offsets in arrays for years now.

If you are in the 30 days after purchase you can ask for refund … happens to not trust a software because not work like you want. You are not the first and not the last.

I won’t add anything else, contact the support email privately to request a refund.

All the best