Help needed with Ext script to control Planewave mounts

Hi all
Can i ask if anyone has had success controlling planewave mount via an external script block?
I need to open and close the shutters on a cdk600 and home the L500 mount (normal home command not applicable here apparently).
I have installed a JS script from planewave and tried to call it from an ext script block but the block happens without anything actually happening on the mount so i must have the wrong”arguments” entered in the relevant box.
I’m not a coder so am flying a bit blind and would welcome help from the community!

Hi Gavin

I will add a DragScript blocks for this. I just need your help for testing … we do not have this kind of setup :slight_smile:

All the best

Hi all,

I’m also using a PlaneWave L-500 and trying to automate as much as I can via Voyager. Meanwhile the missing homing feature is included in ASCOM driver of PWI 4.0.11 (Beta >1). I was daring to install 4.0.11 Beta 15 and the homing works pretty well using Voyager directly. Nevertheless the “Can FindHome ()” feature is not showing up if you press “Get Capabilities” button in the Voyager mount setup.

I’m very interested in finding an automated way to get the mount connected to PWI4 as well as enable/disable the motors. The need of pressing those buttons in the PWI4 UI prevents higher degree of automation. @gboyle : does this planewave JS script provides a solution for that?

@Voyager: I volunteer for testing if that helps.

Regards, Mathias

Dear Mathias,

planewave give to their users the external script to manage their hardware stuff.
Please refer to Kevin Ivarsen at planewave, I think you also found in some folder installation of PWI.
Call it (this scripts) from DragScript “Execute External Script” block.

I hope this helps.

All the best
Leonardo Orazi

Hi Leonardo,

thanks for the hint. Found the Python scripts in th PWI folder. Guess, this will be the start of my journey into Python that I have always avoided :exploding_head:

Helps a lot!

Regards, Mathias

i was able to use the supplied scripts you will find in the PWI software folder to open and close the shutters fine - very straightforward and reliable via dragscript external script command.

i was not able to home the mount with the standard homing command in dragscript (similarly the standard dragscript homing command did not seem to work with ASA mounts) - i think that the processes here are different for each mount manufacturer and so that does not entirely surprise me!