HFR/stars/temp history images per session?

I am now fully migrated from SGP to Voyager. Still one function I am missing from SGP which I wish to see in Voyages is the images history showing a table and graph of number of stars, HFR, temp for each image while performing the integrations. The data can also be reviewed at the end of the session.

Maybe this function is already embedded in Voyages and I just cannot find it.

Or any thoughts on possibly developing it?

Thanks fornthis wonderful program. It’s stability and focus routine truly changed positively the results of my images.


Hello SebaAstro,

thanks for using Voyager . About your request … Voyager use HFD instead of HFR because this metric is not really suitable for focusing. You can found a graph of HFD and star index in Web Dashboard dedicated to the session running. In Voyager you’ll dont found because the operation to do calculus are really resource consuming for the PC and we prefer to give you more reliability.

All the best

I like to use the viewer and tab through my last few images and compare HFD. Or I load an image from previous day and compare. I love the viewer.

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