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I have a 6 ft HomeDome controlled by Digital Dome Works(DDW). I also use a paramount me. I’m wondering what is the proper way to set up drivers for the dome. I have yet to get Voyager’s RoboSync to the telescope to work. In fact the only success I have had is to select the ascom driver in TSX. I can’t seem to get Voyager to run it independently or in conjunction with the Paramount ME. Can someone please advise how it should be properly done? I currently select “Use legacy dome software” in Voyager but also connect in TSX using the ASCOM driver and not the Dome add on driver. In the data acquisition status window the dome is blank.


Voyager Manage the ASCOM Dome, Nexdome, ScopeDome, TheSkyXDome, HitecRoof.
TheSkyX Dome is really limited by integration API offered to the 3rd part like Voyager and from the disclaimer about their use coming directly from the SB programmer.

I suggest to use ASCOM DOME, RoboSync do the geometry management, legacy work if you have a Dome driver that having internally the slave management like NexDome or ScopeDome Driver or TSX. If you use legacy the geometry in Voyager will be ignored. If you use ASCOM Dome select RoboSync and use the geometry in Voyager.

Please use the wiki to know more:

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I did get the ascom driver working properly with Voyager last night. Thanks for the support. Very nice product!.