How many vcurve is recommended

I am new to voyager, pardon me if I missed this while reading through the documentation. I have few question around v curve before doing my first night under the sky.

  1. how many v curve should i target?
  2. How to decide on keeping which are the best best v curve

Thank you


answer to your questions:

  1. It depends on the quality of the sampling points taken during the vcurve: if they are close to the slope lines (OK) or very far or have unwanted curves (BAD). In bad cases it is necessary to make new ones vcurve and remove the bad vcurves from the list of used for the final calculations
  2. based on the previous point you must read the slope index left and right of the various vcurve, must be really equal at least for 2 to 4 digit after dot (depends on your optic)

Usually 3/4 vcurve its ok at 90% of cases. If you have fast scope (in terms of F ratio) best to have 10/12 vcurve.

All the best

Am I assuming correctly here that what is being asked for is how many exposures in the V curve? I usually have 7 as even using localfield focusing which takes a little longer than a single centered star it is still quite fast to complete with my setup and has worked reliably, even as the first focus run of the night where the expected temperature change from the end of the previous night has altered the focus point somewhat.

Syed are talking about first light vcurve wizard and adding VCurve.
You are talking about LocalField … LocalField is not a vcurve. LocalField cannot be a VCurve because work in a zone of the focus where a normal vcurve cannot get valid data.

Thank you for the replies guys.

I was talking about first light vcurve wizard and adding VCurve. So I think, I have enough information to try this out once i get a chance under the sky.