How to allow both X and 180+X deg SkyPA in Sequence

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I have the Moonlite Nitecrawler as the rotator and I’d like to start the sequence with either X deg (as specified in Roboclip) or 180+X deg. What setting shall choose to achieve that? Thanks!


Voyager at begin sequence use the Rotator/Sky PA requested, you can choose to maintain orientation after meridian flip. You cannot use x or x+180 at begin also for question of guide star.

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Thanks. What exactly does “maintain orientation after meridian flip” mean? Say if I am at 90deg skyPA before meridian, and if this option is checked, after flip will it rotate the rotator to maintain 90deg?

Before a difference in what happens to image after meridian using Voyager:

  • If you use a Rotator PA when a meridian flip happens the image will be rotate by 180° because Sky solving is not used and rotator PA after meridian is the same (its a mechanical rotation).

  • If you use a Sky PA when a meridian flip happens the image during the solving will be rotate automatically of 180° to mantain the same PA and you will have the same orientation.

If you use “maintain orientation after meridian flip”:

  • if you use Rotator PA Voyager will flip rotator of 180° because not use Sky PA so the solved image have no sense in terms of PA
  • if you use Sky PA Voyager will not flip rotator because a x+180° is allowed

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