How to connect an SBIG STF8300M and an FW8 filter? the dropdown menu does not show it

Hi and thank you for reading this.

I’m trying to get away from SGP, considering CCD autopilot when I found you guys. I’m trying to setup the Observatory starting with the camera. I viewed the 3 youtube videos and went to the wiki to no avail.

My Observatory consists of a Celestron C14 Edge HD, STF 8300M camera with FW8 filter wheel, STi8 off axis guider camera, Sky alert and sky roof for the roll off.

I primarily do work for the TESS subgroup 1 , Exoplanet Detection satellite and I need stability (SGP is great…when it works…).

My first question

How do I connect the SBIG STF8300M camera and Filter wheel? The drop down menu does not show it…

Thank you!

Pablo Lewin

Welcome Pablo , voyager is a system integrator ,. You don’t find a list of camera in camera control but a list of camera controls. Ascom, maxim or theskyx. If one of this camera controls allow you to mansge your camera use it. From what I know sbig doesn’t have ascom driver, you need to use one of the another control i list. More info on the wiki.

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Thank you Leonardo, so I need a third party software then? You don’t have any native drivers to connect to the various devices?

I Think SBIG have not interest in have ASCOM driver … this mean with Voyager you need Maxim or TSX Camera AddOn. The only camera Voyager manage with dedicated driver not ASCOM is the QSI brand.

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Thank you so you know Sequence Generator Pro connects to SBIG WITHOUT the use of ASCOM or a third party application.
I am not a programmer, I don’t know how they do it, but they do.
You may want to consider it.
I guess I will have to go back to them.
Good luck.

Isn’t a programming problem … you are absolutely free to go back.
Thanks for your interest in Voyager.

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