How to enable PLI16803 RBI in Dragscript?


I’ve been using Voyager for over a year now on one setup and I want to get it running on a second setup. The second setup uses a PLI16803 camera where I use the RBI flushing function. However, I can’t get it to work with Voyager though it works fine with TheSkyX.

I’ve located where it would appear to be set in (how do I attach a screenshot?):
I select FLI CCD Camera/Camera Config

The config panel pops up with the FLI logo and the top of the panel shows the RBI Preflood information. I’ve used the same settings as the default in TheSkyX:

Flood Time = 500ms;
Flushes:    5 exposures;
RBI Bin Factore : 1;
RBI Enable   ON;

I’ve don’t see anywhere else where RBI is set. I mostly use DragScripts and I don’t see anything under Actions/Camera. The Expose function doesn’t give any RBI options. When I examine the sub, there is no indication that RBI occurred : nothing in the FITS keywords, and the background effects that RBI solves are still there.
Is there something else that needs to be set?


What you report is the general RBI settings. For activate or not the RBI on shot use the Readoutmode.
We create a doubled ReadoutMode from the original list of FLI adding the RBI, so you will find a Readoutmode with RBI and without, select it on Shot settings, sequence settings (for each shot) or in general settings for focus and plate solve.

You can always use theskyx camera add on like camera control in Voyager.

Please ask direct support for this kind of question, you have included in your license.

All the best