How to find what triggers "Voyager Reconize an Emergency Request: Exit" messages

So I am still trying to get my head around Voyager - lots of things to like but one thing that is driving me crazy (and I have tried reading all the setup docs I can find) is how to get my DragScript to run.

The problem seems to be the Emergency Exit events are causing a premature exit - everything SEEMS to be fine with my drivers and connected environment (UPBV2, AAG Solo, TheSkyX/Paramount and an SQM), but I don’t seem to be able to run scripts reliably.

The main problem seems to be these Emergency Exist requests but there doesn’t appear to be a log of WHAT causes them, only that they happened. Am I missing part of the GUI that has this information?

I have spent hours trying to debug this script and am missing the simple reliability & predictability of Ekos right now!

Dear Paul, check the systems that you have configured to send emergency events … one of these will throw the exit. Possible is Weather, Viking, Safe Monitor … nothing else. So it’s really easy to understand.
Reliability & predictability is something of personal taste that seems for someone.
Usually get working the events is a question of a couple of minutes.

All the best

Forget, remember you have the simulator for weather to check things and you have remote support if you need.

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Thanks, but does that mean I can’t see what event/problem triggered the Exit condition?

That doesn’t seem right, so I am thinking maybe my question isn’t right.

I’m not sure how to do that. I have tried switching off all of them until I switched off the Solo integration which seems to be the source, but there’s no error message for log stating WHAT about the message or integration triggered it, the really strange part is that none of the conditions are set to trigger an Exit, only a suspend.

Again some sort of additional logging or debugging messages would be helpful, I’m sure they must exist I just don’t know where to look.

Hi Paul,

if you need support you must use the official mail and request it, We do not offer support by forum:

About how work Solo and weather system you can refer to their manual online.

How Voyager manage’s weather is here:

Info about status of weather at each reading is on the log file:

Info about actual status of weather is on the widget:

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I’ve read the Weather Manager page a few times hoping I’d missed an important clue somewhere. Just to be clear, there’s not way of knowing what specific thing triggers a Suspend or an Exit you just have to start randomly disabling things and hope you find it?

Eg: the documentation isn’t clear whether teh AAG Solo “unsafe” switch (the electro-mechanical relay) and the logical output flag (0 or 1) contributes to this state. To be sure it’s not it, I’ve disabled it.

Likewise I’ve switched off all the other conditions monitoring (Viking, Obs Condistions and SQM) just to be sure - it seems like it’s something in the AAG Solo, but again, it’s not clear what.

I’d rather not log one of my one remaining support calls for something this trivial.

I would imagine the Voyager log file would contain the answer.

If it is doing it repeatably, open Voyager, set it up and have it emergency exit as it is doing, close Voyager and have a look in the file ending in Voyager.log for the day you do the test , and look at the time in the log that the issue occurred.

The log files are in C:\Users"Your user name" (Whatever that is on your PC)\Documents\Voyager\Log

Paul, we have given you all the information to check what you have configured and what Voyager receives. You can also check the various status on the page of your device, if they are not understandable for you we suggest you contact the Lunatico support directly. We remind you that our support does not have a limited number of calls as you wrote but has a renewable duration of one year, the limited calls are 3 but they are for configuration and explanations on the functioning of Voyager and on DragScript. We remind you that we do not offer support via forums. The thread is now closed.