How to send pulses with Dragonfly?

The goal is to use Dragonfly to switch on my 10Micron mount via a 1500ms duration relay closure.
On the Dragonfly I have defined the relay as ‘Pulse’ and clicking ‘change’ in the Dragonfly app has the desired behaviour.
But in Viking I can only select ‘on’ or ‘off’, and when I select ‘on’, the relay stays on and does not close after 1500ms.
Does anyone know how to set this up in Viking?

WAIT TIME 1.5 seconds

Thanks Leo, using Dragscript with ‘on’, wait, ‘off’ was also what I landed on as solution. Was wondering if I overlooked something. It should work well in full automation mode. A bit more cumbersome in manual mode, but that’s the exception anyway.
Btw, this was my first Dragscript…! Many more to come…

Good link on turning mount off using PacketSender. Will certainly try that as well.

Create a dragscript for only switch on off the mount and then save in customizable dragscript start buttons … this become fully automated.

Thanks, great tip!