How to use the Mosaic sequence

Hi, I’ve read the wiki trying to understand how the Research & Mosaic work, but with no success. I’m trying to shoot a 2x1 Panes using Ha, 20 of each (Pane1 and Pane2) during all night. How can I achieve this goal? Must I fill the repeat field in sequence or the Repeat loop mode? or the Sequence Mode with repeat activated x times?

Thanks in advance,

Hi Jorge,

  • Repeat in Sequence define the number of shot to do for the slot (5)
  • Repeat in Sequence mode define how many times will be repeat the slots in Sequence (2)
  • Repeat Loop Mode define how time the loop on the panels will be repeat (10)

If obtain or not the number of shot you asked depends on the night time, altitude of subject etc

First will be done all the shots in the sequence before switch tho the next panel, when all the panels are done will be repeat by the value in the Repeat Loop Mode.

For example if you use the number inside the brackets you will have for the first slot considering you have configure only one slot of HA filter :
5 shot x 2 repeat of slot x 10 repeat of loop = 100 shot

Repeat mode can be 1 and also the repeat in sequence mode … in this case just put 20 in slot and will have 20 shot of each panel. But you will have all 20 for panel 1 first and all 20 for panel 2 …

I suggest to do few shot for panel and using repeat loop to get at least shot for each panel in case of bad weather or target going under min altitude. This is up to you to decide.

All the best