Hubble Palette 50 hours of data collage!

Thanks to the very smart way of Voyager dealing with problems through powerful scripts and interaction with external triggers, I’ve been able to collect a total of 50 hours of good data across two weeks in quite unstable UK weather! Almost every night 1 or 2 hours were collected.

In order IC 1805, IC 1848, NGC 1499, IC1396, around 12 hours of data per image across HOS, 600s or 1200s subs, WO ZS61 FLP53 340mm with ASI1600, collected with TheSkyX and Voyager.

Thanks Leonardo and Francesco for your work, it’s incredibly easy and reliable to program targets and sequences for months to come and whenever there’s even a small chance to have some clear spell let Voyager try to get some food frames.


Wow Giancarlo … great results. You are improving so much your Narrow technics.
Thanks for sharing and for using Voyager.

All the best

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Giancarlo, really nice processing, I really like the HST palette with greens.



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Thank you, yes when I started working on HST I realised that assigning those colours and then shifting the green of HA to yellow/orange (to be nearer SII as in reality and underline nebulae structures as originally intended by the palette), greens would occour naturally in the zones of passage between HA and OIII, or in general the zones where these two are both present.

Reading back why HST was invented, and looking at Hubble images, green is exactly there, so I thought about deploying my own way in PS, and I really like it instead of the orange/blue I see often that is throwing away some information IMHO.

Hopefully more to follow and I’ll get better at it :slight_smile:

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When I was a good AP … 12 years ago … was there a great AP that have developed a great technics to do narrow. His name is J-P Metsavainio with the tone mapping:

For your info, sometimes we old astrophotographers have a lot of good things done.


Aaaah lovely doc, thank you! Saving it in my library of documentation…looks like something I’ll study soon as there are many nice tricks I can see :slight_smile:

Simply wonderful processing…

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Thank you very much, possible only thanks to the enormous amounts of data I can collect now with Voyager :slight_smile: