Hyperstar SkyFlat at Dusk

Hello to all

any of you who use a Hyperstar and have had success with SkyFlats could you give me some good starting points?

I have continuous time out problems due to too much light, despite having an L-Extreme filter on an ASI2600 starting the Sun at 1deg to dusk

Thanks in advance


Hi Geremia, put the adu average around 33000 ADU, a tollerance of 11/12% , no ROI because your system is not flat illuminated. This is a good start

Data loaded, ready for dawn at 05:28:00

I’ll let you know the outcome
Thanks Leonardo


incredible as it was easy and functional
I ruined dozens of t-shirts, DIY panels and those bought on Amazon, they were never perfect like this made through Voyager’s this morning

Thanks Leonardo, an incredible software.