IC 1396 first image made with Voyager

Hi all

Voyager has been in less than a week a revolution that worked since first night, and during a handful of days became a proper fully automated and independent system to image, autonomous from any input, updating me of progress via Telegram, aware of weather, and able to intelligently go through full nights of imaging in complete autonomy, managing times and clouds perfectly.

As I sold my whole setup and I’m still waiting for the new one, I have only a small William Optics Z61 FLP53 and my Canon 6D modded, but I’m happy of this first image of IC1396, almost 12 hours of data effortlessly collected by Voyager across a couple of nights while I was refining/testing my Dragscript.

The Z61’s very small diameter and resolution paired with the full frame of the 6D got nicely the expansive view of the rich starfield and extended smooth nebulosity of the region, so considering the limits of the equipment I’m quite happy with it.

Voyager/TheSkyX, processing via usual Pixinsight/StarTools/Photoshop.


Great result - well done! :clap:t2: :+1:


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Congrats Giancarlo … great result.
Thanks for using Voyager.

All the best

Thanks for sharing Giancarlo, I like your soft and natural processing.
Please continue to share your next images.