IC 417 in Auriga

Second session with voyager starkeeper, who make me happier than ever, about making astrophotography. Pointing, autofocus, meridian flip and sequencing was perfect, and depsite strong wind and clouds, I’am happy with the result. Image taken with QHY163 CMOS, Vixen AX103s scope@ 577mm, Avalon Linear mount. Post processing with CCDStack and PI…

Thanks Leo, thanks to all Voyager happy users…:grinning:


Its a wonderful image. Color are perfect.
Congrats Roberto … happy you enjoy Voyager.

All the best

Thanks Leonardo, Voyager is really a big, big improvement for my astrophotos, and your support (for Voyager and for the setup settings (scope/focuser/CCD/sequencing) is priceless. Thanks again…

Very nice Roberto! What were you using before Voyager?


Very nice image. Glad to see Voyager is working for you.

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Thanks Rowland. I used Sgpro for a while, but I have followed the Voyager project from the beginnings. Initially, Voyager needed Maxim for its functions, and I don’t use Maxim. When Leo has implemented Ascom support for Voyager, my interest for this software was increasing, and three or four months ago I decided to chose Voyager for its functionalities and for Leo’s support (the best value added).The autofocus routines are simply perfect, first V-curve, then another one or two V-curves, and now with Localfield I have ever the best focus that I have achieved… Leonardo is ever ready to reply to every ask, Its support is the best that I have ever needed.
Thanks also for your English manual, a very important improvement for all the users.