IC1795 - The FishHead Nebula in narrowband bicolor (HOO)

Target photographed for testing my new narrowband Astrodon 5nm filters in a couple of nights.
The good data acquired by Voyager deserved to be processed.
Hope you like.

Telescope: GSO RC12" F/8 2435mm
Camera: Moravian G2-4000 bin 1x1 (0.63"/pixel)
Filters: Astrodon Ha (13x1800") and OIII 5nm (10x1800")
Mount: 10Micron GM2000 HPS2
Location: Personal observatory, Trinitapoli (BT) - Italy
Acquisition Software: Voyager


Beautiful and the palette is gorgeous too :wink:


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Thank you Roberto, I’m a little rusty :slight_smile:

Really nice Francesco! Full res is amazing!

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Thanks Jose, very kind from you

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Lovely one rich of nice details! I’m glad the filters turned out to be good :wink:

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Thank you Giancarlo! :slight_smile: