IC4628 - Prawn Nebula

Captured this data over multiple nights in April. All up just over 21 hours LRGB using Voyager automation of my SN10, QSI683 and EQ8. Processed in PI.


Lovely! What optics are you using? 10inch Schmidt Newtonian?



Yes I’m using an Meade LXD55 10 inch Schmidt Newtonian. I’ve made a few modifications to it to make it suitable including a new focuser. I use a Universal Paracorr to deal with coma at the edges. Despite this not being ideal for the SN spherical mirror it is better than without correction.

Wow, I know that OTA and it was very difficult to use, let alone get the results you are achieving. Congrats.

Thanks for the kind words, I really appreciate the encouragement.

The LXD55 has some significant shortfalls out of the box as an imaging instrument however many of these can be overcome with relatively modest modifications. That then leaves the collimation challenge which has taken a long time to work out. Luckily my gear is permanently set up so once the collimation is good, I don’t touch it.

Despite the challenges, I really like the aperture and focal length - it suits a lot of the targets I can image from my very light polluted city location. I also like the Schmidt Newtonian configuration as it is easier to manage dew than a straight Newtonian. The absence of diffraction spikes also has some advantages during image processing.

The real breakthrough for me has been the ability to let the imaging session run all night. I really thank Leonardo for making Voyager so robust and also able to be configured for the particular users case.


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