Ideal Exposure Calculator


I created a simple python script to calculate the ideal exposure time based on a talk by Dr.Robin Glover.

There are two modes.
You can load a fit file manually by pressing ‘Load File’ button or you can connect to the Voyager’s application server.
If it’s connected to Voyager, it will automatically calculate the ideal exposure time based on the last light frame captured by Voyager.

If you leave the ip and port box blank, it will connect to the default voyager application sever (port 5950) on the local host.

You need to fill in the bias level (mean value of a bias frame), read noise of the sensor and the system gain.
You should also fill in your tolerance for the read noise contribution compared to the ideal exposure (the very best exposure that the system allows).
Dr Glover suggested 5% as a reasonable number.

This is written in Python 3 and you also need to install Astropy

You can download the script from here:

Let me know if you have any question.
I hope you find this useful!