Image file naming

I am controlling the camera with TheSkyX camera add-on. I have the Automatically save images box unchecked in TheSkyX. I have a target set in the Sequence. Voyager takes the photos just fine, but they are all labeled NoTarget. If I take the photo from the web interface after pointing to a target, they are labeled RemoteSingleShot, not the target name. Is there any way to get the target name?

I think I figured out my issues. 1) In spite of following the instructions to uncheck automatically save images in SkyX, the setting got turned back on. 2) I didn’t realize the Voyager images are saved by default in the sequences folder. 3) When I initially defined my sequences I had apparently defined a manual location which I didn’t really want.

Once I figured my mistakes out, the images are being named as I expected.