Image Link settings in TSX

I seem to have been caught out a couple of times now with failed TSX Image Link plate solving after changing equipment configurations.

Can I confirm with someone that TSX Image Link needs to be manually reconfigured with the correct image scale settings for the new telescope / camera setup and that Voyager DOES NOT provide / input this information from its camera settings before plate solving with TSX.



SkyX needs to be correctly configured though you can specify AllSky and tick the SkyX Blind flag in Voyager.

I was a SkyX Plate Solve stalwart but have recently changed to ASTAP as it seems faster and less prone to user error. I only use SkyX for TPoint.

Hi Allan,

scale for solving is provided by Voyager directly to ImageLink, leave the setting in ImageLink at default … just activate the ImageLInk for external script.

If you change equipment you must correct the focal lenght and pixel size in the Voyager profile.
My experience in these years is that ImageLink is best , reliable and fast solver especially in Blind Mode (all sky).

This is my settings and what I use when I support from remote Voyager customers:


All the best

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Just an update on this (see attached screen grab from SB site)
There seems to have been a minor bug in TSX which could explain my initial problem.
Having said that, I have not had any issues since my original post.

Dear Allan,

Personally, I use TSX Imagelink quietly. There have never been any problems using tsx imagelink from Voyager and no one has reported your issue. Personally I have been using it for years like many other users. I don’t know what bugs the Software Bisque are talking about, in any case if they can help someone I’m happy.

All the best