Image viewer ready for release!

I just heard the good news on Cloudy Nights that the image viewer is nearly complete! I just wanted to say that it looks fantastic and the implementation is really clean. Thank you for making this feature a priority, Leo.

Kind regards,


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Thanks Glenn … i finish to make a short video for introduce it and i’ll pubblish the 2.1.3 of Voyager that contains Viewer. I cannot do a stress test on it due to the weather here, for this reason will be in beta.

Thanks again , really appreciated.

All the best

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Depending on when you release it, I may be able to try it out this weekend. I’m planning to do some imaging and weather forecast looks decent. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes a most excellent addition and will make voyager even more attractive to the wider world of new users

Many thanks


Thanks Leo,
this is really good news for me, I can’t wait.


Thanks Leonardo for your work, it’s a real pleasure to see Voyager grow, week after week. Now, we await with confidence the release of the version of Voyager with the “please, stop the rain” feature, I hope it will be on the to-do list …

Good evening, good job …

@Roberto … for miracles i’m working

Thanks to all.

Open my heart :slight_smile:
tks LEO