Immediately Start and Finish With Astronomical Night

I think this might be a subtle quirk of translation from Italian to English but I would like to confirm the meaning of “Immediately Start and Finish With Astronomical Night” (in DragScript->Sequence->Configuration)…
The order of wording (in English) suggests that “Start and Finish” both happen “Immediately” at Astronomical Night (when the sun is 18° below horizon). The Sequence Monitor (and behavior) seems to clarify the true meaning…
17:52:01 574 - Run Action => Sequence: Start Immediately - End Astronomical Night - C:\Users\xxxxxx\NGC1491.s2q
Switching “Start” and “Immediately” and adding the hyphen really helps!
Is that the real meaning?

Question #2: Does a negative “Offset” parameter cause the sequence to end sooner or later?

Question#1 : the sequence start immediately when you click run or dragscript sequence block is reached. The sequence will end when the astronomical night will finish.

Question#2: negative offset the sequence finish before the natural end of astronomical night

Thank You for the fast answers!

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